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Let's cater with a touch of french...

At MADEMOISELLE PARIS, we believe in the celebration of food.
Our focus is on making the best tasting foods and providing the highest quality products.

MADEMOISELLE PARIS offers a unique food experience, including:

- a bakery featuring breads and pastries made from french chef

- a complete in-house deli, crafting a wide variety of salads, soups, french specialities and other delicious ready-to-eat items in our kitchens

- a wide assortment of local and artisan crafted products
- and a fast-casual restaurant showcasing the bounty and chef talent.

Come discover our fresh and prepared foods, and the most delicious products we can make or find.

We can take care of your special event : Business party, Wedding, Baby shower... 

We can provide your guests with the following attractive options, as well as others:

Breakfast Buffet
We offer numerous breakfast buffet options so that you can find the perfect menu for any event. We can meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a formal brunch, a professional business affair, or a casual way to feed numerous people for a family reunion. We offer healthy food, hearty breakfast options, ensuring everyone is satisfied with the foods available. In addition, our servers are familiar with a wide variety of serving styles, ranging from formal occasions to casual affairs. We’ll help make sure that everyone attending your event gets enough to eat while making sure that you make an amazing impression on each and every guest.

Crepes Station 
Crepes are an amazingly elegant dish, for being surprisingly simple. Dress up your available options when you add on a crepes station, allowing guests to enjoy the best that this French dish has to offer.  Choose from a wide selection of fillings, and enjoy service by our professional team of French speakers. Transport your guests to Paris, enjoying some of the best breakfast options available. 

Omelet Station
If you’d prefer a heartier option, add an omelet station to your catering service. Your guests can pick toppings from our vast selection of available ingredients. In addition, our chefs can also cook a variety of egg dishes to order, including scrambled, fried, sunny-side up, and more. The omelets are cooked individually in front of each guest, with them selecting individual ingredients to create the perfect dish. 

Waffle Stations
Waffle stations let your guests add either a sweet or savory option to their meal, depending on their preference. For a truly hearty American breakfast, consider adding fried chicken to the menu for a Chicken and Waffles combo. Guests can select from a variety of toppings and items to add to their waffles. When you contract with Mademoiselle Paris for catering for your next event, you can provide guests with a variety of unique taste options and a meal that they’re sure to be talking about for years to come. If you’re looking to satisfy their appetites and their creativity, we can certainly assist.


Contact us today to learn more about the variety of catering options we offer. We’ll help you make arrangements for your next event so that everyone is satisfied with the unique breakfast selections available. We bring a touch of France to your event in a way that no one else can.

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